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PELTOR ProTac III Slim Headset

Kód produktu: PELTOR ProTac III Slim Headset
Dostupnost: Dodání do 2 týdnů

Cena: 2.550 Kč

The 3M PELTOR ProTac III hearing protector helps protect against harmful noise, whilst allowing ambient sounds to be heard at a level below 82dB. It increases your ability to communicate with nearby colleagues, as well as hearing warning signals, approaching vehicles, or sounds in machines and processes.

Built-in level-dependent function allows the wearer to hear ambient sounds, such as conversations, machine sounds and warning signals
3.5 mm listen only stereo input (limited to 82 dB) for connection to external devices (e.g. mobile phone, radio, two-way radio and iPod)
Voice guided menu system to prevent you from taking the headset off
Auto power off turns headset off after 4 hours of non-use, to save energy and a low-battery warning informs you when to change batteries
To reduce the corrosion caused by sweat the electronics are located in the outer part of the cup
Available in headband and helmet attached versions (black)

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