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  • Shooting range and guns and accessories store LEIKO - EN

    Competitive and commercial shooting range LEIKO in Pilsen with a tradition since 1992 offers: a course for a Firearms license, Defensive shooting courses of various levels, from basic ones up to very hard. We further offer a Basic gun manipulation course and Shooting course according to IPSC (International Practical Shooting Confederation) rules. Before you experience all that, you can come for a test shooting without even having a firearms license. All you need to do is to call +420 377 222 199 and book yourself a date, so that the instructors can get the Pilsen range ready for you. We are able to arrange all that not only for individuals, but also for groups, that are interested in trying out shooting just so or as a teambuilding activity. We design a Shooting package to fit your needs and wishes. As the only shooting range in Pilsen and its surroundings, we offer the possibility to shoot not only straight, within training, to the sides as well and even shooting a systém of 5 turning targets with various shooting programms.

    No matter if you get the firearms license at our place or elswhere, we will be more than happy to help you choose the firearm – a semi-automatic pistol, a revolver, a semi-automatic gun or a rifle is not a hot-dog and we are aware that choosing the right firearm is very important. Our long-time experience from the shooting range in the centre of Pilsen and with IPSC shooting – handgun – rifle – shotgun, point shooting with short or long firearms will certainly be beneficial for you when choosing the right firearm for you. Apart from firearms, we will also supply you with ammunition for both handguns as well as long guns. We have a new „hunters‘ corner“ in the shop, where our trained staff will help you when choosing a proper firearm, ammunition, scope, thermosights or a pair of binoculars, night/day optics, accessories. We surely offer optics, red dot sights and other accessories for other firearms as well (rifles, shotguns or pistols and revolvers).

    We offer handguns, rifles, shotguns and even small caliber guns from various producers and brands and if something is out of stock, we will be happy to order it for you. If you do not get interested by new firearms, we also sell cheaper consignment firearms. When choosing the right firearm, our regular firearms presentations Při výběru té správné zbraně vám určitě pomůžou i námi pořádané pravidelné Prezentace zbraní, which you can find které najdete i pod záložkou Events, kdy máte příležitost si vyzkoušet větší množství zbraní, podle druhu nebo značky - v jednu chvíli, na jednom místě! Pro všechny zbraně máme skladem anebo opět rádi objednáme, holsters – rifle holsters, IWB or OWB, the so-called paddle, kydex, leather or nylon – always from vždy od léty prověřených suppliers and producers.

    For the fans of reloading, we have primers and bullets for pistols, rifles and revolvers and we also have gun powder from various producers a in various batches on stock as well. In our product range, you can find even accessories like for example magazines, grip panels, magazine floor plates, magazine wells, sights: fixed, flip up, fiber optic, knives, hearing and eye protection, and various IPSC accessories, e.g. targets, timer, shot holders etc. Simply come to us (accessible by 5 public transportation lines), come by car (parking-site for 300 cars), come by plane (nearby Líně airport) and visit LEIKO s.r.o. shooting range in Pilsen – a shooting range with a shop – firearms, ammunition, scopes, thermosights, red dot sights, reloading, accessories, etc. All that under one roof in a former fallout shelter in the centre of Pilsen between the CAN (Cental Bus Station) and 1st gate of Škoda Holding a.s. Emila Škoda Square, between Tylova and Husova streets. The instructors of LEIKO s.r.o., Pilsen shooting range are looking forward to your visit.